Consultation, Training, Certification

Visionaries are a worldwide leader in the delivery of social media, Social Responsibility and digital marketing consultation, training and certification programs. Visionaries Based in UK With representing in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Visionaries deliver a range of programs and courses that are designed to support economic and workforce development.

For organizations that are moving to digital or applying to run Social Responsibility program, we can provide you with the creative idea , practical tools and advice to get you started on your journey and provide the necessary support to allow you to grow.

We partner with, and help, you to take full advantage of today's latest technology providing strategic analysis, making practical recommendations and delivering effective execution services. Through our partnership network, we can provide you with Ideas, expert analysis, insights, and recommendations, as well as full oversight and management.

We can also deliver on site training, enabling your team to improve their skills, thereby building your in-house capacity and expertise. We will always be on hand to provide support for strategic reviews, as and when required, for new campaign, strategy, product or service developments.

  • Accreditation

    Our Professional Diploma, courses and trainings are fully accredited by the Visionaries UK

  • Advisory

    We provide practical advice on how to maximize your social media strategy, Social Responsibility strategy and digital marketing strategy

  • Consultations

    do you want to figure out exactly which social tools (if any) are best for your company? Here are the social media consulting services

  • Training

    Our Social Media Training service allows you to bring your social media marketing in-house – in a way that won’t disrupt the day-to-day activities that keep your business rolling.